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To our readers outside of Israel

Sex education varies from culture to culture and from one location to another. Naturally, aspects of your lives, such as your living environment, religion, personal beliefs and values, shape what we want or don’t want to tell our children. ש

In our brochures we present our world view and invite you - parents, teachers, and therapists - to make your own adjustment based on your own values, culture and point of view.

Don’t hesitate to cut and paste, add and subtract, and basically modify the material so it fits your children.


Shlomit Havron and Sandy Basharti, The Israeli Center for Sex Education                       


  • For joint reading – parent and child age 6-12 years
  •  Or using number 054-5396606 on Bit or PayBox
  •  The brochure will be sent by email and is available for download as a PDF


How Babies Are Made? Joint reading –parent and child age 6-12 years

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